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Giving back your time

Our Partners

What do we do?

Pro Drafting and Design boasts a highly seasoned, versatile, and remotely distributed workforce, all equipped with trade backgrounds. Our team collectively holds over 40 years of expertise, specializing in a wide range of design and construction drafting, as well as set-out and machine programming.

Pro Drafting and Design is your partner in business growth and adaptability, equipped to navigate the ever-changing currents of your industry while freeing your precious time. We offer a flexible and scalable service, capable of meeting your planned project timelines and aiding in unforeseen tasks.

About us

At Pro Drafting and Design, our team consists of a select group of individuals chosen for their unwavering passion, extensive experience, and technical expertise. We are dedicated to assisting you in reaching your business objectives.


Each member of our staff comes from a background in construction and shopfitting, providing us with a profound understanding of the unique challenges inherent in transforming a drawing into a reality. As a result, our designs, documents, and programming are meticulously crafted with these considerations in mind. We seamlessly integrate into your manufacturing process, ensuring efficient project execution and profitability.

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